Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Army... Drum Roll Please

Hey everyone,

Been taking some time off, going through some personal issues, and some vacation time. Yesterday I got my first game of warhammer in since the last tournament I played in. Played 2k against Tau, and we wound up with a draw. None the less, it has drawn me back into the hobby.

So while I was off for about a month and a half, I decided that my next army is going to be...

That's right it is going to be the Black Templars. I just love the assault aspect of their army, I have built a few list and know where I would like to be with them. If I find out I am completely horrible with these guys I will just pick up the regular codex and play with them that way!

Be posting more when they get here!


1 comment:

  1. Black Templars, eh? Well, at least it's not Ultramarines. We would have chased you out of the IGMB with torches and pitchforks otherwise.