Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas everyone!

I know I had a good one, but did you? What did santa bring you any cool 40k stuff? Well if he did let's make things interesting! Let's have 40k Legions first contest!

Send any one of your painted christmas spawns to my email before January 1st and I will post them on the site and from there we will all vote for the favorite one! Winner will get a $20 gift of you choice from GWs website! So get painting and we will see who is the best!

Notes: they do not have to be painted in any holiday manner to qualify, if you did not get a 40k gift from the fat man, go out and buy one and then paint and send me a pic! I'll post something too!

Happy holidays!


Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Inquisition?

Hey everyone!

So working on my new list I came across about 150 points. So I decided to put in an Inquisitor to add some anti-deepstrike and some assault to my very balanced list. Had so much confidence in this squad, and ready for them to kick some deep strikers out of the sky, make some vicious assaults...

I played the Tau.. No deep-stirking what so ever, and the Inquisitor Lord is only str 3. He only tied up a Shas'o for 3 turns, which was good. But he is an Independent Character so then that is 2 kill points... Out of the 6 that I gave up. So I am going to try the Daemonhammer and see how that works.. Str 6 power weapon that will mess up some Daemons will due me well.

But I will post how that works, other than that the list is great and I have a feeling that this list is not to be reckoned with!

Alright guys, have a good night and I will talk to you guys later!


Sunday, December 13, 2009

2010 Is the year of Warhammer

Hello everyone!

Hey guys Ace here, its been a while since I have posted anything on my site. Going between 2 jobs. Let one go, now I am looking at a job Monday through Friday with weekends off! So that leaves a lot more time for 40k and what not!

So with all of this time off during the weekends I have been planing on a tournament schedule for 2010. Starting in Atlantis Comics on Jan 3rd in a 1850 point tourney. Going to start it off with a bang and hopefully have a great army list to go and kick some ass!

Then the next event that I know that we will most definitely attend will be November 6th in Tennessee for a national event.

Other than that I will keep everyone posted with what is going on in my world of 40k.

Right now I am still working on those tanks.. Hopefully going to get those guys done soon.

Thursday night I get back into our campaign, hopefully we can do a tournament with everyone to play for some money! Also painting will be a top priority.

Other than that eveyrone have a safe holidays I know I will!


Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hey guys,

I wanted to start a new army for the Campaign I may run soon. (Check my blog for fluff!) Anyway, what would you guys think of an Elysian army and paint scheme based on, (drumroll please!!!)


The 53rd Elysian Rapid Response Detachment would be a pure Elysian force, with only Armored Sentinels as "Heavy Support". Oh, and of course, every squad would get a Valkyrie.

I've tried one model, and I think he looks pretty amazing, for my standard. (I'd post him up but my bloody camera don't work.) So... whattya think?

Friday, October 2, 2009

A Call for help!

I need input on the holy legion of warrior brethren, the Space Wolves. BoLS, Warseer, and even the local gamestore's forums all have posts dedicated to them, and I cannot currently purchase the codex. Someone Help!!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Breakdown 4: Chimeras

Hello everyone!

Its been a while on my review of a thing or two so here I go again!

Lets look into this beauty, for 55 points you can transport around the Emperor's finest, into and out of combat. The AV is good 12/10/10, but you can capitalize on that even more by putting 2 Hellhounds (or other variants) on the outside of one or more Chimeras, to make a wall of 12/12/10 (in a way). However it's counter part the Leman Russ, is not as effective for doing this because it would only slow down the Chimera it's self. However in a recent game I have played I found it to be effective to only move the Chimera 6" so that you can lay down a ton of suppression fire!

The 12' range means that you can possibly grab an objective last minute, or zip guardsmen across the field quickly and safely.

Lets take a look at wargear, the main gun Multi-laser, very strong gun low ap, at BS 3 I think that this gun was designed for the Chimera, versatile and a little punch. If it wounds a marine on a 2+ I'll take it! Hull mounted heavy bolter, perfect for Orks, to the pesky Tau! Good for taking pot shots at basic infantry not recommended for tank busting. The searchlight, good for dawn of war, bad for everything else... But remember when we had to pay for this? And now dawn of war is even more fun for guardsmen! But is it just me or is everyone getting searchlights... Hmmm GW must have something planned for 6th edition? Smoke Launchers, this is how to win with Mech-Guard, or any tank in any army, is smoke. Smoke will make turn one or two hell for your enemy, they have to take down those tanks but they cant when you pop smoke! Very good for free...

So now all of that being said, for 55 points I love the Chimera, versatile, a danger to any army list, and can transport troops on top of all that! Not to mention the 5 fire points on the vehicle! Just imagine the possibilities that could come from that many fire points!

The options for heavy flamers, are not something that I can justify for... If you can flame them, then they are too close to your vehicle. But that is my feeling on the flaming aspect (minus hellhound, they get their own classification) Pintle-mounted storm bolter or heavy stubber, NEVER TAKE A CHIMERA WITHOUT ONE OF THESE, 2-3 shots is 2-3 possible dead units? Am I right? Just don't forget that you took them! HK missile, don't bother with it, that is the Vanquisher's job and Sentinels if you take them. Dozer blade is something I take when I know their will be a ton of terrain and when I don't play with my lucky dice. Extra armour, got nurffed in this codex of the cost, too much for what it does now but some people swear by it... Camo Netting, why?

So all in all the Chimera is one little bad ass transport that should not be messed with, so everyone fear not the Leman Russ, but fear the Chimera :)

Check back for more


Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Army... Drum Roll Please

Hey everyone,

Been taking some time off, going through some personal issues, and some vacation time. Yesterday I got my first game of warhammer in since the last tournament I played in. Played 2k against Tau, and we wound up with a draw. None the less, it has drawn me back into the hobby.

So while I was off for about a month and a half, I decided that my next army is going to be...

That's right it is going to be the Black Templars. I just love the assault aspect of their army, I have built a few list and know where I would like to be with them. If I find out I am completely horrible with these guys I will just pick up the regular codex and play with them that way!

Be posting more when they get here!


Friday, July 24, 2009

Terrifically Themed Tau armies?

I need to know from everyone, what is the best sounding Tau army?

A. Shadowsun's stealth suit strike squads, ( 3 units of stealth suits and shadowsun)
B. Farsight's ferocious fire caste fighters, ( O'shovah's bodyguard and crisis suits for elites)
C. Human Auxiliary assistance army. ( Human themed death)

What's the best? I have added entertaining names for your benefit. Enjoy...

Monday, July 13, 2009

We are back

Hello all,

I just rolled a 5 on the forums, We'll be back roll!

Sorry about the lack of post, just got a new job and I have been focusing on that,but things are looking very good right now. So I have more time to focus on Warhammer as well as my beautiful girlfriend :)

So I am back, I will have to use a Monolith's recycle ability on Reds and Ninja to get them back to posting!

Anyways keep checking in I will put an epic battle report on here!


Monday, June 29, 2009

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ard' Boyz 2009

Hello everyone!

Its that time of the year, from what I hear. Time to get your best armies together and get ready to play some Ard' Boyz!

So I have been doing a lot of thinking if I should play this year and I feel that I am not ready to play this year. With the new Imperial Guard codex, having taking a liking to much of the new things in the book, but with no models. It will be harder for me to play in than say an ork player or a nids player from last year. Lack of game play time, will also hinder me I feel. But I am going to make up a list and if I get one going that I feel is good then I will enter.

I just need some feedback on list I post up here and some modeling suggestions! Or even some donations!


Friday, June 19, 2009

Shhh... don't tell Ace

Hey, Ninjaman here to tell you that there's a tourney tomorrow.It's 2000 points, so my Fists will throw down with anyone brave enough to face me. Wish me some luck! 1st place will get me some prizes to support my expanding Vostroyan army. I'm pretty sure Ace is going to write about it, and I will too, from a different veiwpoint. I do hope we play each other...(I'm going to slaughter Ace, don't worry about that lol ;])

WWW Treasures: New Imperial Guard Stuff

Hello everyone!

First off welcome to my first new section... WWW (World Wide Web) Treasures. This is basically going to be the rumor mill of the site, this is dovoted to you the reader to get a chance to see what all is coming out soon for anything. Also letting you post your opinion on what you think of the models, prices, etc.....

Just doing some surfing on the web, decided to check what all the fuss is over on War Seer, and I stumbled across some cool pics. There is no official release date on any of these but Rumor has it... August for the Tanks, but no ETA on Straken...

Those pics are of the new Leman Russ kit coming out (pictured were the Eradicator, and Punisher turret options, notice the multi-meltas the sponsons, and also the plasma cannons) This new release will make any Imperial Guard player happy! Now we just need Red to post on his experience with magnets and we will have very happy Imperial Guard players! No offical news on Straken, but it is a very good looking model. Then we can all play with the leader that should be known as the Chuck Noris of the IG. We will just have to see I guess.

Stay tuened as I cross the World Wide Web to find more goodies.


Thursday, June 18, 2009


Hello everyone,

Just browsing through some of my followings, and I came across Black Matt's posting on Sportsmanship.

What he said is something we should all stop and think about to ourselves. "Is that me?" Luckily for us down here in the Williamsburg area are not graded on Sportsmanship in our games we play. However one thing I want everyone who follows this blog to think to them selves. "If I was to be ranked on Sportsmanship, what would my score be?" So be fair to your opponent, but stern about rules. (Don't be that guy about the rules though)

Now, being a fair opponent is not always going to get you a full points on the scoring chart. The biggest factor in this whole ranking process is you and your opponents Maturity level. If you get beat by someone and they just wipe the floor with you, but they are pleasant about it keep that in mind. You lost to an opponent who was either better than you are, the dice are just not working for you, or their list was very good. Also the guy let me know what everything was, what this did, who that was, and was polite about the game. Then they deserve to be have a good score and firm hand shake at the end of the game.

Now if you play against that guy who just crushed you, was more or less a jerk about the game. Did not take the time to show you what was what, would not let you see his list, and such then in that case he deserves a low score on this chart.

More or less go into a tournament with he mentality that you are going to win, but also have a good time while you are doing this! Meet some new people, befriend some, start some friendly rivalries, but most of all have fun. After all that's what this game is all about right?


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Blog Spot is fun!

Hello everyone,

Lately I have been thinking of ways to get more people onto the site because the three of us giving advice to one another gets a little tedious after a while! (We know we play against each other so games become a little unbalanced :P "cough" Swimmer {aka Red but I know another Red and I don't want to confuse one another} "cough") But anyways, doing some research into this little thing called blogger I have discovered some of the neatest ways to get a bunch of 40k stuff at your finger tips!

Step 1: Sign up for Blogger! It's easy, make a Google account (it's totally free!), there is no need for you to start your own Blog (some people don't like these).

Step 2: Find your favorite blog (i.e. 40k Legions, Bell of Lost Souls, and Jawaballs etc...) Then go to the followers section and click "follow". Now what following does is when you log into Blog spot you can see all the updates for each site that you follow. Thus getting rid of going from page to page!

That's all there is too it! Once you have an account you can comment on articles posted, and even start your own blog!

So I want to see some more blogs because everyone has a voice and army list that they think is great! More followers too! I need feedback on my articles that I post! My long term goal is to make this into an actual website but I need a large following first!

Thanks everyone!


Monday, June 15, 2009

Expanding the marines (Fluffwise)

Is it me, or has GW actually brought their focus off of the Ultra Smurfs? I'm a Fists player, and the books "Storm of Iron" and a short story in "Heroes of the Space Marines" (Worst named book ever) both mention Imperial Fists. There is also a new Impy Fists series coming out soon written by Chris Roberson. It sounds suspiciously as if the Black Library authors are sick of Guilliman's sons. Both of the stories mention brother-captain Alaric Eshara of the 3rd company. Hmm...

More thinking must be done...;)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Converting a Chimera

Hey everyone,

I just finished converting my new Chimera, It was a rather easy build!

Step one:
Build the tracks as normal, Cut out the wheels, glue them to the frame, place the tracks into place. This will give you an easier time with the next few steps, to help with the foundation.

Step two:
Take the top of the Chimera, the part where the turret will be place on, and cut at the end of the second hole (Towards the back) then cut before the first hole so that you have three pieces, one is the front where the turret will go to. Next is a piece with two holes in it, and the last is the last hole, and where the loading dock goes.

Step Three:
Smooth out the pieces, place them upside down and glue them into place, make sure there is a tight bond between them, when it is dry use some green stuff to make a very strong bond!

Step Four:
Glue the front of the chassis onto the bottom of the tank, then take the piece from step three and glue it slightly behind the whole on the first one front of the tank! Make sure everything is snug!

Step Five: Glue the tracks to the chassis, then you have your foundation! After that you are all set to go!

Step Six: Glue pieces where you see fit, and clean it up a little bit!

Final product should look something like this!

Hope this helps everyone out there a little bit, pics will come when I get another one, so hold in there tight comment if you have any questions!


Posting on the go!

Hello everyone!

Ace here using my new blackberry storm, just sending an update post so I can give live feed at tournaments :) hope this works!

Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bell of Lost Souls Company Command Challenge

Hey everyone,

Just saw their new post and I am going to try to win this one! So I will post pics hopefully every day and you guys need to help me by pointing out flaws! Thanks in advance


Monday, June 8, 2009

Slow week...

Hey everyone,

Its been a very slow week with Warhammer that is! I have one squad that needs some finishing touches, but mostly I have been making some list,(and without army builder that takes time :( ) I have gotten a couple of games in and tried some new units and I will be doing another break down after I get some more games in!
Also look forward to another tactic broken down. And my armies fluff within a couple of days!


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Steve Wiebe What a Trooper!

Hello everyone!

Just sitting here putting together the tanks, wondering how I am going to make them all different! Me and Red are talking about magnets :). While this is going on I have G4 on and they are covering the E3 expo, and Steve Wiebe is there live!

Now if no one here knows who Steve Wiebe is, go down to your local video store and rent "A Fist Full of Quarters." To lazy to do that and I will give you the low down on this guy. Pretty much he recorded himself beat the world record on Donkey Kong Arcade, and sent it to Twin Galaxy (the world record keepers of any and all video games). They told him that they could not accept his entry (because the original keeper of the record is a brat, and was whining to much!) so they told him that he would not be the world record keeper. So he challenged the guy to a live game, and he never showed up. Then he went to the machine that the original guy posted the record on and he beat it! So he was the record holder for a breif few minutes. Until the original guy sent in a video AND THEY ACCEPTED THAT! So Mr Wiebe said that they can go F them selfs essentially, because his video was legit and the other guys may have been but there is just to much anamosity with everyone there!

So back to E3 Steve is playing and unfortuatly he failed to get the record live on national TV. But this man is a trooper, and he will never give up! So if you are feeling down just think of what this man has done and what he has been through then you can do anything!

Let the record be known, one of my commanders will be named Steve Wiebe! Just be warned when you see my list and you see his named pop up then my army will be the champs!


Tanks, Tanks, Tanks, and some more Tanks!

Hello everyone!
With so much time on my hand and after counting all 1,136,486 little bubbles on my ceiling. I finally decided to put together my tanks :) Lets show you the work in progress reel!

Should I feel motivated or discouraged!?

I promised this squad if they finished the tanks I would paint them... Something tells me they are slacking on the clock...

But anyways I will keep everyone updated on the tanks!

After I get these guys done... What am I going to do when I want a demolisher cannon? Any and all ideas will be welcomed!


Battle Report from Saturday's tournament

Hello everyone,
Its me Ace, and I'm posting the results of the tournament that me and Red recently attended. Sorry that they are not in detail, rough day forgot to take notes, but next tournament be ready for full pics and full blown details! But think of this as ESPN highlight reel!
It was a long day, let me tell you something. First round was against a Chaos Smurf, and an Eldar player, everything was clicking between the list, focus fire on the lash, dead turn one. Focus on objectives, we were crushing it. Then the Officer of the fleet couldn't hold off the striking scorpions off for much longer (those things hurt!) We lost a few objectives, but penal legions killed 2 obliteraters in 3 rounds of CQC then contested the objective for the tie!

Next game was against a Smurf list, and a Tau list. Boy who would have thought that bikes would hurt! Turn one Red was in assault and was nearly destroyed, we started to get our game faces on when Terminators came on and walked the line, and wrecked my Vendetta, and my two Hydras. Destroyers made a last ditch effort to control the last objective at the end of the game, but were annihilated by a vast volley of fire, and a power fist to the face from a Techpriest. Result was a loss.

The next game was kind of a cheese game, the kid brought some orks, and his buddy brought some Smurfs. Now the whole concept of Orks is cool, lots of green men running twoards you and you get about 2-3 turns to kill as many as you can, nope not this game, we were killing fast amounts of orks, and smurfs, but the way the kid set up... He forgot what orks were in what squad! So it took us like 30 mins to figure everything out, and at the end of turn 3 time was up so we had to call it. With 5 kill points per side, it was a draw.

So all in all it was a fun day of gaming, meeting new people getting even more of a feel for guard. But coming in 9th out of 10 people was a bummer. I do believe that there was not enough time alloted to be played, but in some games we were sluggish but no fingers are going anywhere! But if we had one more turn we would have turned the two losses into wins! But thats just me!

Next tournament is a 2k game on June 20th, and I am toying with the idea of bringing Grey Knights to play? Has anyone tried these guys out? Im going to make a pretty sick list and post it for everyone to say! So stay tuned because June 21st your going to see a book long Battle report!!!

So stay tuned


Monday, June 1, 2009

Welcome to June Everyone!

Welcome to June,

This month my personal goal will be the following,
I) FIND A JOB ASAP! Warhammer is not a money friendly hobby and I need to support the crazy conversions I love to do and the crazy list I love to build.
II)Take my Girlfriend out more, to be a better boyfriend, and to not always talk about 40k!
III)Prepare for tournament on June 20th, 2000 points. I have a lot of free time and I can play test list more now, and also try some crazy ideas.
IV)Paint at least 4 squads of men, and finish my Valkyrie.
V)Get my army onto the website.
VI)Get the logo made for the site (If your an artist send me an email!)
VII) Find a fourth member for the sight.
VIII)Get the sight to 2000 views before the end of the month! So spread the word everyone!

Well that's my June Resolution to myself! Everyone have a safe June, its the end of school for kids, remember SUNBLOCK IS YOUR FRIEND! But most of all PLAY 40K!!!


The Breakdown Episode 3: Orders

Listen up everyone, I'm only going to say this once so PAY ATTENTION!

Now that I have got my daily dose of yelling out of my system, lets get on to the third installment of the Breakdown. Today as you may have guessed I'm going over the Order system in the new Imperial Guard Codex! Lets get right into it,

Basically there are 8 orders in this book, 3 basic, 3 advance, and 2 specialty orders. They are given by Company Commanders, Platoon Commanders, or Special Commanders (Creed, Strake, Al'Raheem etc..) There is a command radius for each one, that you must keep in mind, and also how many that can be given, if your curious to know what I am talking about go buy the new codex and follow along.

The order system works like this, at the start of your shooting phase (very important to remember!) You select one FRIENDLY (this is a HUGE argument at the local store) and choose what order you want to give to them! You check range, check to see if the order went through, and if the order was successful, act upon that order IMMEDIATELY! Then after that issue is completed, move on to any further orders. There is also the ranking system to remember, for obvious reasons, Creed would give an order before some chummy Platoon Commander. So you have to keep in mind of your commanders on the field!

Here are the orders and how they should be used!
Bring It Down! The strongest way for this order to be maximized is by prioritizing your weapons on the table, then what the opponent has that do the most damage to your men. Then take down whatever it is and then Lather, Rinse and Repeat.
Fire on my Target! This order is very strong for 5th edition, because everything gets a cover save now! Great for large amounts of fire, firing across the battlefield into a squad of anything advancing or holding an objective.
Get Back in the Fight! This is the backbone for the guard! Make any unit on the table act like a Space Marine and come back onto the fight? Sounds good to me, and when your Veterans with Forward Sentries went to ground to hold onto that objective for one last time, and then to pop back up and fire back? Sounds great to me! So always keep this one in mind for that squad falling back, never just pick up a squad because it is falling back (unless the rules state otherwise)
First Rank, FIRE! Second Rank, FIRE! Ask me what my favorite order is, and I will tell you the one that makes a lasgun deadly. I absolutly love this order! Yes we can all agree that the lasgun is weak, no argument there, but when you fire it with a volly of shots it can make even a Terminator shake in his 2+ armor. So go ahead load up on guardsmen, throw them into a squad of 50 and wait until you see the orks nasty bugers on their face, and then give this order, wait about 20 mins for dice rolls, and say goodbye to that squad of orks. Great order if you ask me. Now here is the local quesiton, does this confer to a HOT-SHOT LASGUN? I say no, it's to powerful, and broken. Others say yes, because why would they change it from a Hellgun to that? So we need a judgement quick! This book really needs a house/store FAQ so that there is always a standard if you ask me!
Incoming! This order is only good with the order I stated earlier, I really don't use it often because I normally have Vets hold objectives with 3+ cover saves. The thought of making a 50 man squad with a Commissar then giving this order seems like it would be fun for turn 5 just to see my opponent's face in pure frustration!
Move! Move! Move! This order is best for moving your units quickly accross the battlefied. I really don't rely on this one except for maybe turn 1 or 5 depends on a lot.
For the Honour of Cadia! A brilliant order from Creed! I use this order on so much to counter that ork assault, so they know what it is like to be on that receiving end of the assault. But here is where the Allies come into play, say I want an assassin to go and assault an enemy, can I give this order to them or not? If so I am dusting of the Daemon Hunter's codex.
Like the Wind!
So with this order you can keep everything in your army mobile, outflank with the user's ability. Then throw some Lascannons in the mix and you will blast up some tanks, then throw them into cover and everything will be good!

The order system in my opinion is good, not perfect unless you use Creed AND Kell. Read the codex and you figure out why. I used them quite a bit at the tournament saturday, and I can say that they add some good varitey to the mix with Guard now. So be even more afraid of the shooting phase of the most powerful army in the galaxy! (when it comes to shooting, thats right Tau I went there)

At ease everyone!


Saturday, May 30, 2009

Aww What Cute Puppies!

Hello everyone, and no there will be no cute puppies

I'm talking about the worlds best e-mail to be awoken by! Drum roll please, Games-Workshop has announced that there will be an all PLASTIC Hellhound variant set coming out. So now we can all have the real models for those Devildogs and Banewolfs, so you can throw away that Mt. Dew can and use that rhino for something else!

No release date or price yet, but I would say we should see this sometime July or August, judging by the way they do buisness, and as for price I'm going to make guess of 39.99 MSRP?

Here are some pictures to keep you satisfied!

Plastic Hellhound with Multi-melta!

Plastic BaneWolf turret!

Plastic DevilDog turret!

Well thats all guys! Post what you think I'll keep you informed on more information when I hear it!


Friday, May 29, 2009

The "mighty" Baneblade and Deceiver

I just played an apocalypse game against Redharvest, and realized quite quickly that Baneblades are not uber-powerful, and the Deceiver is really hard to kill. I had mine fall to the deceiver in turn 4. I realize that Apoc is supposed to be played with large amounts of points on huge boards, but really? The 500 point model I just purchased for $95 just died a quick death to a character. I know the Deceiver is a god, but come on, he just beat a super-heavy to death in combat. He also gets to run and stay whenever he wants, so your only option is to shoot the crap out of him. That's easier said than done when he has T8 and 5 wounds. Healso ignores armor/invul./Feel no pain. WTF???
Terrain shaped the battle as well, however I won't be over this Apoc game soon...

On another note the Thunderbolt Flyer is amazing. TL Lascannons, 2 TL autocannons, 4 hellstrike missles or bombs? Sign me up. He flew around the board the entire game just goofin' off. However he only has AV10 and BS3 like the Baneblade. For 220 points though, who cares?

Null zone is also very effective.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Opinion: Army Builder

Hello all,
Who here uses army builder? Have no idea what I am talking about? Well let me give you the run down.

See when some of want to make a list, we want to quickly see what would go good with this squad, and what would go good with that tank. Then print it off and show our friends, then maybe play it! With this nifty program you can make list in little less than 5 minuets! (After of course figuring everything out!) But once you get the hang of it, you can quickly make a 2000 point list! Not to mention it ORGANIZES the list and gives you the stats of the unit and everyone can read it! Also it is very handy when it comes to weapon stats and upgrades usually telling you what you need to know!

Now this sounds great right? Well here is the draw back, the cost, now its 39.99 but you get two codes. So if you think about it you and a friend could split the cost and start making broken list.

Now here is my gripe with it, I have paid this, and even paid 10 more dollars to get another code for my other laptop! And it is May 28th and we still have not received any word what so ever about an update! I mean the least they can do is say "We are working on it expect it around xx/xx/xxxx" But maybe its just me, I now have 50 dollars sitting on my computer doing nothing but taking up space on my memory. And I still have to write list out by hand!

Now with that being said, that is the only problem I have had! Once they get on the ball and give me the update. They will be my new savior (my hands just cramp up at the thought of writing an Imperial Guard list by hand!)

Now I want to know what is your opinion on this wonderful program?

Get to posting!


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Necrons: Overpower?

Hey guys finally was able to sit down and change the screen name lol. Anyway I played a 2500 point game against a SM player today. Completely wiped the board with him..... It made me feel a little guilty about how powerful Necrons are at higher point limits. I'm currently trying to find a way for them not to be as broken. I have considered simply taking less points but I'm not sure thats the answer....maybe WBB on 5+?

Up for a drive or ride?

Hey all my friends from local Hampton Roads/ Williamsburg area! Kind of talking to some guys from northern Virginia who are playing with some guys up in Maryland! So I thought we could take some of our fights up there! It is a huge trip, and a long commute but these guys seem fun, and it could be one hell of a trip! So start planning ideas and such and we can get the ball rollin on some fun times ahead!


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Breakdown Episode 2: Veterans

Hello all,
Welcome to another session of The Breakdown, today I am covering Veteran Squads.

For the past few days I have been contemplating who is the better troop choice? Infantry Platoon Squads, or Veterans. After getting quite a few games in last week running all Veteran list, I have come to this decision. Veteran squads, are there to support the Infantry Platoon with what they lack of. What I mean by this is, you take basic infantry a few heavy bolters, and some plasma guns, now your ready for infantry of all stats, but what about those pesky tanks? Then you put a Veteran squad into play! Just look at the options, do I put them in a Valkyrie and deep strike in 3 meltas? Do I give them forward sentries with a Lascannon and use that BS 4 to its advantage?

Now for all of you out there who are screaming blasphemy at the computer screen saying that the Veteran squads are cheaper and have more room for Bigger toys! That is very true, but what do you need to win? Infantry! Without these guys slugging around and taking fire, you will loose your tanks in turn one or two! We are guard, play as we are meant to be played with lots and lots of men! Make your enemy commander make a decision on who he is going to kill. Don't let it be that squad of tanks coming in his left rear, rather that squad of 3 lascannons that just took down his monolith.

What to equip your Veterans with you say? There is more than enough options to make them good at a particular job! Say 3 meltas, and a power fist throw them in a tank, with Grenadiers and they will mess up any tank within 6 inches. Or (my personal favorite) Forward sentries, 3 Snipers and a lascannon, Sit them on an objective and pin troops or take down a tank! You could get heavy infantry hunters, Power weapon, plasma pistol, 3 plasma weapons, and the rest lasguns, and maybe throw in Bastoone or Harker to give them orders!

More or less what I am trying to say is, don't go crazy and play a guard list with 3 squads of 10 man troops, because if you are playing anything objective wise you are going to get killed. But rather put a third of your points into a strong infantry base! I'm going to try this out along with Necrons on this upcoming Saturday!

Well that was this episode of the Breakdown! See you on the battlefield, and at the next Breakdown!


Upcoming Tournament Saturday

Hello everyone again!
So Saturday is the big tournament at the Gecko. Its a 3k tournament, here is the catch, its bring a buddy to the game day! You and a friend each have an FOC and 1500 points to build a massive crushing force!
So who else to team up with, other than RED! So we are taking my Guard with his Necrons, how that fits into fluff we don't know.
So here is the plan pretty much, Guard provides the most support fire you have ever seen, but I'm not giving out that information, regarding what is going to be in there! Anyways and the Necrons are going to run either a Blitzkrieg list or a heavy list, we will see still awaiting word from Red!
But its going to be a blast and I will keep everyone up to date on how the list are going to break down and everything! So stay tuned!


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tables and more!

Hey everyone, just got back from an eventful day! Me and Red got together and finally built a table! Cost us around 100 bucks but now we have a 4x8" table, to do what ever we want on it! So after he got it all built (I painted my Valkyrie) we decided to play a few games on there.
First game was a 2500 point game, capture and control, spear head. Had a few good moments, but I lost by one objective. (I am on a really bad loosing streak now with my Guard!). And on the second game we played was a 3000 point game of Seize ground, where I again lost, but I made around 40 2+ gone to ground saves with one squad to hold an objective. To save time I called the match because we didn't want to make 150+ rolls! But it was fun to play on our own table, I just need to sit down and build some terrain so that it is more scenic! (I also think that lack of terrain, and Necrons... Victory for them but don't tell that to Red!).
So, I'm still not winning! What is going on with the new Guard Codex! Army builder needs to hurry up with the update! I can't stand building list for an hour! But tournament Saturday with Red hopefully I can provide him with some good cover fire!


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Imperial Guard Breakdown: Regimental Advisers

Welcome to the Breakdown,

This is the first one of the series, where I will take one unit from a Codex and break them down. Now this will be the good stuff all the way down to the dirt, so pay attention!

Alright we are all excited to see the new Guard Codex hit the shelves recently. When I opened the pages up it was like being in heaven, finally we would stand a chance in the world, we [Guards players] would be appreciated, and respected for our armies. Then I came across the Regimental Advisers and I was blown away at the way these guys work! Alright lets get into this breakdown.

First we have the Astropath, who essentially is a Veteran guard, with a robe and a staff. What makes this little old man so good is that Valkyrie that is in reserve gets to possibly come in sooner! That's right he adds one to your reserve roll, not too bad. Now if you were to say Outflank that Squad of Penal Legionnaires and they came in on the wrong side of the board, you could re-roll to see what side they come in on. A good guy, fair cost, but you have to ask yourself, what do you want to do with your forces? Do you want something to sit in reserve for a while and provide back up, or do you want to come in turn two with 1500 points of heavy weapons in your opponents face?! Good for a fun game, maybe stay away from him in tournament play. (His brother plays a more important roll in the tournament game)

Second on the list is the Master of Ordance (or for laughs the MOO), wow talk about a guy with a big stick! This guy comes to play with a pet Basilisk and isnt afraid to make it shoot! He can drop a blast any where on the field! Talk about some good anit.....EVERYTHING! For his cost why wouldnt you take two squads of HQ with this guy in there!? Well from playing with him in quite a few games let me tell you why not. HE COULD NOT HIT THE BROADSIDE OF A MONOLITH! I played 5-6 games with him and he hit maybe a fifth of the time he shot! To random for me. If that did not square you away, he cripples your HQ from delivering game turning orders on that squad that you know is 17" away and if you just move them he could save them. But you want to TRY and hit that squad of Devistators.... What to do what to do? Just throw him on the bench for a fun game.

At last we get to my favorite guy in this little gang, Officer of the Fleet. This is the guy to take in any list wherever you go, and for what ever type of game you are playing. (So don't leave home wihtout him!) This guy is a pain in the but for anyone who has anything in reserve! They show up fashionably late, and now they may not come where you need them. Take his brother the astropath and just factor that for the enemy, except... Do the opposite! Thats right turn two they need a 5+ to come in! Good luck to you, and if they roll all of their reserves in then pick up your army shake his hand and say the dice gods must bless you! No real negatives to this guy, except he becomes a point sink if they have no reserves. But in 5th edition, everyone is doing reserves becasue it is the cool thing to do.

Lastly, we have the Bodyguards, these guys are great for bigger HQ squads, or HQ suads that are going to get into some dirty work. If you don't have either put their cost onto some extra armor for your tanks! But a good concept of taking the wound for the general, now throw a medic in there and you have Bodyguard Curtis Jackson!

Thats all on todays plate of the Break Down!

Hope you liked it! Post what you think of the Regimental Advisors!


Friday, May 22, 2009

My Favorite SM characters

Hey, ninjaman here. As a marine player, (I have Impy Fists and My own chapter)
I realized that some of the SM characters are amazing. I've decided to share my favorites and why.
Here goes:

1. Darnath Lysander. Best character ever in my opinion. 4 wounds, strength 10 Thunder hammer, 3+ invul. Stubborn and Ld 10, re-rolls bolter shots. Stick him in a 10 man termie squad, and let the slaughter begin. I've seen this guy go nuts on Tau(necrons,chaos, etc.) before... alone. He crushed about 45% of the tau players army before he died to sustained plasma fire on turn 5. Absolute favorite. Oh, and he can fortify a building for sniper scouts w/ camo cloaks.

2. Kayvaan Shrike. Great for fast moving armies. Outflank w/ 10 assault marines or vanguard vets. He will go through most armies like a hamerhead through a land speeder. However, he only has a 3+ power armor save and 3 wounds, and will be a priority for your enemy.

3. Pedro Kantor. Very very solid choice. 1+ attack for anyone within 12, all marines are stubborn, assault 4 storm bolter. Unfortunately, he's really slow. Put him in a drop pod (sternguard vets. too)to counter this.

4. Ortan Cassius. T6, Chaplain, re rolls in first combat round. Only 2 wounds. Use him w/ Kantor or termie squad.

5. Korhsarro Khan. Pretty cool. Outflank for everyone. Very fast.

As for the other characters (Calgar, Sicarius, He'stan) I like their rules, but I never really played He'stan, and I absolutely hate Ultramarines. They're too stuck up...

Pros of Necrons

Ok pros of Necrons.
1. WBB. already explained this one but basicly its Feel No Pain on crack.

2. Warscyth. Str 5 no armor save? ohh don't even bother rolling that invul save cause its a warscyth =). Plus 2D6 for armor pen.

3. Gauss. Yes my bolter just glanced your LR.

4. Destroyers. These are my pride and joy =). I try to play 15 in any game I can. Best part is str 6 ap 4 guns. =) Ohh and their 3 shots.

5. Wraiths. These things are amazing. =D Only T 4 but with I 6 and Str 6 thier a match for anyone that messes with em. Combine all that with an invul of 3+, moves like a jetbike, and ignores cover and youve got a CC machine.

6. Destroyer body for Lord. Only bike or jetbike in the game that actuley increases the T of the user even with instant death.

7. Lith. I won't touch on this because I refuse to use monoliths lol.

Now yes I know thats not even near half the pros of Necrons. But its late and I've got work tommorow. So night all and ill try to post c'tan goodness tommorow and my tactics =).

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Necron Warriors. Cheap?!?

No I don't mean cheesy though they can be. For only 18 points you to can have a SM statline. The only difrence is 2 I and Ld of 10. Lets just say that those equel out. So for one point you get WBB and for another your bolter glances tanks. Personally I say that they are TO cheap. I think they should be more to the tune of 20 points or so. But if you do that...then that 10 man unit becomes 200 points....and you need 400....add a theres your 500 point list. All someone needs to do is drop in a tank or any str 8 weapondry and its done lol. No rez orb for wbb.

Lets Talk Tactics: The Gun-line

Welcome everyone to Let's Talk Tactics,
I'm your host this evening Ace.

Today's topic is the Gun-line. The lets make rows of men with guns, a hell of a lot of guns, face off against another army.

When you say Gun-line to someone the first thought in their mind is Civil war gun lines firing off into one another. Take that concept and mix it with some heavy weapons and you have a good gun line. When you do a gun line, make sure you know your ranges, and take guns that will complement one another. Like say start with a Melta gun in the front line, so you can check 12" and vice versa, with a Lascannon in the rear, to check 48". Use those ranges to get a better glimpse of what can shoot that turn. Last thing you need to do is have your lascannon be out of range by a foot and try to call a heavy bolter to the same target, then kick yourself because you should have known that. The next advantage is using it in a bait and tackle system, but your expendable men up in the front (conscripts, kroot, scouts, guardians, hormogaunts ect..) then pray that they can make their points back, by killing a couple of men at least before they are expended. If done correctly then when they are done assaulting, or shooting that squad you light them up with the wrath of the rest of your army. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Also another good way to set up is a symmetrical pattern, if you place a squad of anti-tank on one side of the board, place another about in the same position on the opposite side of the board! That way you break tanks into a flank, other wise they are going to be pummelled by a volley of anti-tank weapons. This works well with any other type of unit, and it could be done to force them into a cross fire or even ambush, its all based on how you play and how your opponent thinks! How you deploy your forces is a pretty big factor in how you will do in the battle. Try to control where your opponent will move their forces, if they move it around the big weapons then it must be important, if they go straight for it then they probably dint need that piece or is trying to make it easier for the next turns.

When playing an assault strong army, gun-line will do good when they hit. Just draw a line in your head at the beginning of the game and say if they get past that line then they will be hit by this, and so on and so forth. So me being a guard player I would put regular infantry up front with lasguns, and shoot at the upcoming orks, after they get done with that squad they would be lit up by bolters and such.

When playing a shooting army, gun-lines can lead to a very boring battle, or a very epic battle, it all depends on how the dice roll. But this would be done good with the symetric gun-line.

When playing mechanized list, try to make a spear head to force them into a flank, or an ambush, do not attempt to move into firing range or any such rash movements, take out the tanks, then move onto the men, 6" a turn is better than 12-24" a turn.

But thats the basic tactic of the day, I will get more into this list as I further break it down.

Until the next time!


Dark Eldar?! Say what?!

Hello all,

Today I was fortunate enough to get my first game against the dreaded Dark Eldar. Now this game was a learning experience for me, because for one it was down right fun! And two I got to experiment with a lot of new toys.
The set up was Spearhead (table quarters)
The mission was annihilation (kill points)
Dark Eldar goes first... Started off pretty good, he hit with two out of like a million dark lances, man if only guard had some of those, we could shake up some land raiders! The game wound up being a battle in the top right table quarter. But as the game moved on it came to turn 4 and man I lost a lot that turn. But none the less, I lost. But I had some fun and learned that the Vendetta is the best anti tank weapon I have! With this constant loosing streak, I will be on fire after I get all of the kinks out! Fear me soon!

Be back with some more tactics maybe later tonight!

Stay tuned!


Paiting or converting is there ever both?

That is the question for today!

What I mean is do you find it easier to paint your army or make the model it self look cool? Now I find converting a much easier process for me... I have done little conversions here and there and have a blast putting them together. I'm not to sure why I find this easier but who knows? Anyways I love painting, and I have been told that I am a pretty good painter... But the problem is.. Finding the time! I love the game warhammer but painting is slow and time consuming.. But that one day I will complete my army and I will make people gasp!

Well lets hear what you have to say!


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Reaching an Actual Army Theme!

So today after much thinking and receiving my pig iron heads in, my army is bent for a destructive path! I'm going to write the fluff for it later on, give me a couple of weeks to do some WWII research and I'll have it all written up.
Here is what I have so far...

Name: Shadow Corps
Tactics: Blitzkrieg, Gun-lines, and Mobilization.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tournament Saturday 05/16/09

Hello everyone!

So I just got back from my tournament today with my new Guard codex, I ran what I thought was a rather good balanced list. Here it is in its fullness, now what I'm going to do is break it down with what I thought was good, and what will change and what may change. With that being said lets break this list.

Company Command Squad
Company Commander
-Regimental Standard
3 Veterans
-3 Lasguns
Master of Ordnance
Officer of the fleet
2 Bodyguards
-Sniper Rifles
Storm Trooper Squad
-Power Weapon
9 Storm Troopers
-2 Meltaguns
-Heavy Flamer
Total: 250
Infantry Platoon
Platoon Command Squad
Platoon Commander
Total: 45
Infantry Squad
9 Guardsmen
Total: 65
Infantry Squad
9 Guardsmen
-Auto Cannon
Infantry Squad
9 Guardsmen
Total: 65
Heavy Weapon Squad
3 Lascannons
Heavy Weapon Squad
3 Heavy Bolters
Total: 75
Total Squad: 355

Veteran Squad
Sergeant Bastoone
9 Veterans
-2Plasma guns
-Heavy Flamer
-6 Shotguns
Heavy Flamer
Total: 265
Fast Attack
Hellhound Squadron
-1 Hellhound
-Inferno Cannon

Heavy Support
Leman Russ Squadron
-Leman Russ Punisher
-Punisher Gatling Cannon
-Heavy Bolter
-Smoke Launcher
-Sponson Heavy Bolter
-Heavy Stubber
-Knight Commander Pask
Total: 270
Ordnance Battery
- Colossus Siege Mortar
-Heavy Bolter
-Smoke launchers
Total: 140


So I took out the individual points for the troops, to keep people from free-dexing. So my Hq squad did what it was supposed to, give orders, keep reserves out as long as possible, re-group moral, and bombard from the sky! The master of ordnance is a great concept, but he keeps your commander from giving orders, so bear this in mind. Also 70 percent of the time he missed his target, or got a cover save (but orders can make them re-roll good cover saves) But all and all he can help as much as he can hurt.

Elites were perfect, flanking storm troopers in a chimera, wreck anything on that flank. Ratlings, wow i'll take an army of these little guys, killing smurfs, guards men, and even a Hive Tyrant! Also the infiltrate rule is killer for keeping people in check.. so look forward to seeing an infiltrating list soon.

Troops, in a few words, im done with infantry platoons with heavy list, but i still love the concept of mass infantry. But as far as running, the platoons, I'll take a rain check. But Veteran Squads are in my opinion the best way to go, they hit more, have the best upgrades and can still take orders from hqs!

Fast Attack, Hellhound traditionally is an anti-infantry tank, but i put a twist onto it, throw a multi-melta, and boom you have a 36"melta! Now since I'm getting rid of the lascannons out of the platoon, what will i take for tanks? Thats easy the vendetta, 3 lascannons, for 130 points, now here is the kicker, add better sight, better range, flexiblity, and oh yeah TWIN-LINKED! Thats right the new tank hunter is here, and in my new list (coming soon).

Heavy Support, oh my, colossus is a great piece of equipment, no cover and ap 3, okay done, enough said. The punisher, perhaps the greatest looking tank in the book, but not in play, with only 24" range, and no chance to scatter into another squad, whats the point? Good for fun but not for my competitive list.

So there is the break down of my list, and my thoughts on it, if you played me today, or saw me play. Post what you think about my list that's what this is for!

But the games were fun, first round was jordan and his space marines, great player, great list, just unlucky rolls. But man do I officially hate drop pods! I wish I could contest an objective turn one!

Game two was josh and his guard, Josh was fun, we tied, but it was a great game, full of epic faliures and mass troops being picked up, i look forward to playing again with this guy!

Game three, Jay, Nids.... Nidzilla, nuff said! I lost but man was this a funny game to play, I dont know if it was shrek or if it was the fact that the most random rolls happened this game. But it was a fun game.

Well thats all, next up is my new competitive list, after a nap, and work. But stay tuned! and get out there and post!


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Getting Ready for Tournament Saturday

Whats up everyone?

So its now Tuesday morning and I have written a couple of list for this upcoming tournament on Saturday. Its going to be 1750 points, and with the new guard codex I am pretty nervous... With only 3 games under my belt with them, and only one being a win and the rest loses, (the third loss was too close to tell good game Alec) I'm getting pretty anxious about playing.

Before I go getting everyone all worried about me, let me tell you about my previous "competitive" game experiences. I played in previous 1750 list two months ago and placed 5th; not bad for the first time playing in the competitive scene. The second was a 2000 point list game and I place 4th, so I feel that I am getting better with my strategy and gaming all together. Now I'm going to get into what I feel will make me a better playing, admitting my mistakes, and acknowledging my flaws and what not? So here we go, maybe you can learn something as well?

1) In the first tournament, my biggest flaw was not knowing the rulebook inside out! If your going to play in a tournament know the rulebook! There were a couple of times that I would draw myself out into fire and completely forget that rule! Don't hang yourself, come prepared and ready to play having confidence in the rules!
Now the next thing, is still a flaw that I have to this day, not being experienced to different armies. Now I have played Space Marines and Necrons before this tournament. So going into the tournament unprepared (luckily everyone there was a Space marine player, with two Chaos players). And boy did the Chaos player (Adam, good opponent, was fair and I trusted his list) wake me up to the rest of the world!
Testing out list, there are so many list that I wanted to play but you can only take one list! Working full time, and having the best girlfriend in the world, makes it hard to get some test games in (Thursdays are dedicated 40k day!).

2)The next tournament I knew the rulebook inside and out. Boy did it make one big difference! Understanding the physics of the world that you are playing in will give you a surprising advantage. Those 95 pages are there to teach you to play and how to incorporate your grand strategy!
The next one that I would say can hold anyone who wants to become a good competitive player back from being the best. Is knowing ALL the codex(s) inside and out. When I played the other Imperial guard player we flew through the game, because we knew each other's stats and advantages!
Next, moral... Yes I failed my leadership as a commander... But you can be sure that I wont fail again! (but those big bugs were soooo big!!!!)

And I did do very well, I have found out that my Girlfriend is my official good luck charm! She was supportive (extremely!) and she was getting into it! (Possible new 40k player? Stay tuned!)

So now that I have seen what my weaknesses are I am going to incorporate them into a plan. First plan, make sure I can write the rulebook for anyone off the top of my head! Second, know more of the armies! Third, don't fail my leadership checks! Fourth go into take peoples heads! Fifth get my baby to bless my die!

Anyways off the the books to break a list for Saturday!(I'll never be happy!)

Stay tuned to hear back about how I did and what list I played with! And to see what Kristi's final statement on 40k is!


Monday, May 11, 2009

How to: Destroy Necrons =)

Most people seem to have trouble beatin Necrons. Here's the things as a Necron player I fear.

1. Close Combat. I don't know why so many people have trouble with this concept. Ive even lost CC to guardsmen.... If we fail the leadership we're done for. With I of 2 we only go before powerfists lol.

2. Str. 8+ weapons and power weapons. Strength 8+ weapons will insta kill warriors and anything T 4. Unless there is a rez orb nearby this means no WBB (We'll Be Back The Necron players pride and joy). Power weapons do the same.

3. High points cost. The only troop choice we have (a Necron Warrior) costs 18 points. While they are a very good troop choice, they are very expensive. This leads to alot of min maxing for necron players.

Thats really about it. I'll try to go over the Pros of Necrons either tonight or sometime later in the week.


Friday, May 8, 2009


Hey, I'm Arthur aka redharvest. I play the mighty necrons =) and before you ask no we will not stay down. Any way I'm an old friend of Ace. I'll try to post some pros and cons of diffrent armys and hope we get more people in here....its lonely...

Thursday, May 7, 2009

New Imerial Guard Codex Day 1: The Test Drive

I always look forward to Thursdays lately, because it is my one dedicated 40k Game day, but I was looking forward to this particular Thursday because I get to test drive my new codex.

I was really nervous of building an army list that was uber powerful and no fun to play against. But after taking two loses, what was thought to be such a powerful force to be reckoned with just looks damn intimidating on the paper. I saw this about halfway through game one.

So after getting some valuable advice I shortly realized that when you break down everything in this codex, whether you think its cheese or not, its still a guardsmen shooting that lascannon, or plasma. Yeah we got beefed up in the Heavy Weapons, and fast attack. But we also lost a lot too..

My dear Doctrines, you will be missed, nothing was better than giving your whole army chameloin and sitting on an objective and getting that 2+ cover save by going to ground! Or re-rolling ones! and i'm not sure but I think my army had a special doctrine that actually made me roll good!

So after throwing all my dice around for a couple of hours, and switiching to my amazing pink dice that are great, its back to the drawing board to get ready for this tourny coming up next saturday, and with only a few chances of getting in a few new matches, its hard to say what i will run!

But you win some and loose some, and today i took my first two defeats, but never will I fail my leadership check!

Check back for more on guard building list!


Where to game at around here!

So I manage a video game store Game Crazy in Newport News, and lately it seems that I am discovering that there are a lot of 40k players locally, so my question is where do you game at in the Hampton Roads area? I personally like gaming at Groovy Geckos in Williamsburg, the owner is great, will hook you up with the best customer service and even break out his army and "slap you around" in his own words. And he knows the rules! But that is a trip for me, but I love the game so much so an hour long trip, but it is worth it.

But it seems that everyone that I talk to goes to Worlds Best Comics, I have been to the store its got loads of room to game but not really knowing the owner, and not sure if he knows the game or if he has an army, its not very beginner friendly. I looked at the forum and its more dead than this blog!

So I'm not trying to say that one store is better than the other, but if everyone who I have met at my store, and you know who you are, then why don't we start a game night? Or get on here and throw down some games! Then lets see where we can go from here!!!!

Thanks guys, See you on the battlefield!


Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Hello Everyone!

I am Ace and I'm here to bring everyone the best in 40k everything!

So lets cut the chit-chat and begin the posting!