Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Site Up

Thats right!
Anvil of War!!!

Check it out follow us on there!

Over and out


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Future of THIS blog

Hello everyone,

Talking to Ninjaman, we have come to a conclusion that we are going to form our own blog (name is still undecided) but when we decide on the name we will start it and start posting right away! So everyone be patient and prepare for a better blog with two fully committed posters! We are even working on Red to post more than one post a year haha

But everyone stay tuned for the good news!


Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas everyone!

I know I had a good one, but did you? What did santa bring you any cool 40k stuff? Well if he did let's make things interesting! Let's have 40k Legions first contest!

Send any one of your painted christmas spawns to my email before January 1st and I will post them on the site and from there we will all vote for the favorite one! Winner will get a $20 gift of you choice from GWs website! So get painting and we will see who is the best!

Notes: they do not have to be painted in any holiday manner to qualify, if you did not get a 40k gift from the fat man, go out and buy one and then paint and send me a pic! I'll post something too!

Happy holidays!


Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Inquisition?

Hey everyone!

So working on my new list I came across about 150 points. So I decided to put in an Inquisitor to add some anti-deepstrike and some assault to my very balanced list. Had so much confidence in this squad, and ready for them to kick some deep strikers out of the sky, make some vicious assaults...

I played the Tau.. No deep-stirking what so ever, and the Inquisitor Lord is only str 3. He only tied up a Shas'o for 3 turns, which was good. But he is an Independent Character so then that is 2 kill points... Out of the 6 that I gave up. So I am going to try the Daemonhammer and see how that works.. Str 6 power weapon that will mess up some Daemons will due me well.

But I will post how that works, other than that the list is great and I have a feeling that this list is not to be reckoned with!

Alright guys, have a good night and I will talk to you guys later!


Sunday, December 13, 2009

2010 Is the year of Warhammer

Hello everyone!

Hey guys Ace here, its been a while since I have posted anything on my site. Going between 2 jobs. Let one go, now I am looking at a job Monday through Friday with weekends off! So that leaves a lot more time for 40k and what not!

So with all of this time off during the weekends I have been planing on a tournament schedule for 2010. Starting in Atlantis Comics on Jan 3rd in a 1850 point tourney. Going to start it off with a bang and hopefully have a great army list to go and kick some ass!

Then the next event that I know that we will most definitely attend will be November 6th in Tennessee for a national event.

Other than that I will keep everyone posted with what is going on in my world of 40k.

Right now I am still working on those tanks.. Hopefully going to get those guys done soon.

Thursday night I get back into our campaign, hopefully we can do a tournament with everyone to play for some money! Also painting will be a top priority.

Other than that eveyrone have a safe holidays I know I will!


Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hey guys,

I wanted to start a new army for the Campaign I may run soon. (Check my blog for fluff!) Anyway, what would you guys think of an Elysian army and paint scheme based on, (drumroll please!!!)


The 53rd Elysian Rapid Response Detachment would be a pure Elysian force, with only Armored Sentinels as "Heavy Support". Oh, and of course, every squad would get a Valkyrie.

I've tried one model, and I think he looks pretty amazing, for my standard. (I'd post him up but my bloody camera don't work.) So... whattya think?

Friday, October 2, 2009

A Call for help!

I need input on the holy legion of warrior brethren, the Space Wolves. BoLS, Warseer, and even the local gamestore's forums all have posts dedicated to them, and I cannot currently purchase the codex. Someone Help!!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Breakdown 4: Chimeras

Hello everyone!

Its been a while on my review of a thing or two so here I go again!

Lets look into this beauty, for 55 points you can transport around the Emperor's finest, into and out of combat. The AV is good 12/10/10, but you can capitalize on that even more by putting 2 Hellhounds (or other variants) on the outside of one or more Chimeras, to make a wall of 12/12/10 (in a way). However it's counter part the Leman Russ, is not as effective for doing this because it would only slow down the Chimera it's self. However in a recent game I have played I found it to be effective to only move the Chimera 6" so that you can lay down a ton of suppression fire!

The 12' range means that you can possibly grab an objective last minute, or zip guardsmen across the field quickly and safely.

Lets take a look at wargear, the main gun Multi-laser, very strong gun low ap, at BS 3 I think that this gun was designed for the Chimera, versatile and a little punch. If it wounds a marine on a 2+ I'll take it! Hull mounted heavy bolter, perfect for Orks, to the pesky Tau! Good for taking pot shots at basic infantry not recommended for tank busting. The searchlight, good for dawn of war, bad for everything else... But remember when we had to pay for this? And now dawn of war is even more fun for guardsmen! But is it just me or is everyone getting searchlights... Hmmm GW must have something planned for 6th edition? Smoke Launchers, this is how to win with Mech-Guard, or any tank in any army, is smoke. Smoke will make turn one or two hell for your enemy, they have to take down those tanks but they cant when you pop smoke! Very good for free...

So now all of that being said, for 55 points I love the Chimera, versatile, a danger to any army list, and can transport troops on top of all that! Not to mention the 5 fire points on the vehicle! Just imagine the possibilities that could come from that many fire points!

The options for heavy flamers, are not something that I can justify for... If you can flame them, then they are too close to your vehicle. But that is my feeling on the flaming aspect (minus hellhound, they get their own classification) Pintle-mounted storm bolter or heavy stubber, NEVER TAKE A CHIMERA WITHOUT ONE OF THESE, 2-3 shots is 2-3 possible dead units? Am I right? Just don't forget that you took them! HK missile, don't bother with it, that is the Vanquisher's job and Sentinels if you take them. Dozer blade is something I take when I know their will be a ton of terrain and when I don't play with my lucky dice. Extra armour, got nurffed in this codex of the cost, too much for what it does now but some people swear by it... Camo Netting, why?

So all in all the Chimera is one little bad ass transport that should not be messed with, so everyone fear not the Leman Russ, but fear the Chimera :)

Check back for more


Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Army... Drum Roll Please

Hey everyone,

Been taking some time off, going through some personal issues, and some vacation time. Yesterday I got my first game of warhammer in since the last tournament I played in. Played 2k against Tau, and we wound up with a draw. None the less, it has drawn me back into the hobby.

So while I was off for about a month and a half, I decided that my next army is going to be...

That's right it is going to be the Black Templars. I just love the assault aspect of their army, I have built a few list and know where I would like to be with them. If I find out I am completely horrible with these guys I will just pick up the regular codex and play with them that way!

Be posting more when they get here!