Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Inquisition?

Hey everyone!

So working on my new list I came across about 150 points. So I decided to put in an Inquisitor to add some anti-deepstrike and some assault to my very balanced list. Had so much confidence in this squad, and ready for them to kick some deep strikers out of the sky, make some vicious assaults...

I played the Tau.. No deep-stirking what so ever, and the Inquisitor Lord is only str 3. He only tied up a Shas'o for 3 turns, which was good. But he is an Independent Character so then that is 2 kill points... Out of the 6 that I gave up. So I am going to try the Daemonhammer and see how that works.. Str 6 power weapon that will mess up some Daemons will due me well.

But I will post how that works, other than that the list is great and I have a feeling that this list is not to be reckoned with!

Alright guys, have a good night and I will talk to you guys later!



  1. i think shas'o is a cool guy, eh kills hmuans and doesnt afraid of anything!

  2. How did you feel about that list? It balanced very well into your favor with all of your Fusion blasters and Railguns!

    Had a blast playing you though! When is our rematch buddy?

  3. I am off on weekends now and it rocks!

    So that gives me plenty of time to play 40k, and if I ever decide to pick up another paint brush then I will start painting again!